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hi there and welcome to trio_chorus. this community is based off hp_chorus and rh_chorus.

the idea of this challenge is very simple. Each week, one of the mods will post a new lyric for the week. Your job is to make an icon containing that lyric and a picture of harry,ron and hermione (the trio..i'll explain more about this in the rules). then on friday, we will post the entries and you will be able to vote on your favorite 3 icons. simple, eh?

RULES for icons
okay...i'm going to make sure everyone understands this. the pictures you use MUST contain a picture of all three characters. you can use an animation, a different picture of the trio together in each image. HOWEVER you may not make an image and have an individual picture of one member of the trio. i will give examples here:

(this picture was one image of the trio...but i kinda cut up the image into different parts (because it was really big) and then animated it

(all three are in there...ron is kinda cut off but he's in there...promise)


(see these are individual pics of the characters....blends of seperate pics will not be accecpted either. of course if you're not sure...post it and if it's not okay we'll delete it and tell you why)

{btw...all of these were made by me, callmefreak

01. only post ONE entry per week. if you mess up, go to your old entry and edit it
02. do not use other people's bases and put the text for this week on there. make your own icons
03. anyone can post or enter.
04. to enter your icon, post in this community, with the image of the picture AND the url of the picture as well
05. don't vote for your own icon...believe me we'll know and we'll disqualify it.
06. please don't ramble or post an introduction. post your intro when you post your first icon. if you do that one of us will delete it.

okay, voting will start saturday (uh...sometime around 1 AM Central time) and end around 9 pm (CST) on sunday night.

if you have any questions, please ask us.
callmefreak {mary / maintainer & mod}
broomsticks {tara / mod }
caitlin_potter {caitlin / mod}

well now all of the banners are standard so if you have won, go HERE and save it TO YOUR OWN SERVER

care to affiliate? email mary (callmefreak) and ask. (i don't bite..don't worry :D)
yule_ball, harry_chorus, sw_chorus

i will post the award banners right before post our winners for the first week. well i might leave it open for two weeks..but whenever the first timeframe is over i'll post the banners.